Domain 5: Leadership

Goal 5a: SoE leadership will be committed to making DEI an institutional priority.

Goal 5b: SoE leadership will be professionally and personally responsible for strategically coordinating and leveraging resources to support and facilitate DEI in the SoE.

Strategic Actions/Initiatives

  • Support the Office of DEI and Assistant / Associate Dean of DEI.
  • Require all SoE leaders to participate in DEI related professional development and training (e.g., NADOHE, NCORE, etc.).

Best Practices1

  • School leadership champions DEI within the SoE, as well as in broader educational communities.
  • School leadership annually documents their record of promoting DEI, particularly as related to hiring faculty of color and those from historically underrepresented groups.
  • School leaders ensure units within the SoE allocate and utilize resources to achieve DEI goals.
  • School leadership broadly understands the potential barriers that faculty face in the
    • promotion and/or tenure process in the context of diversity-related professional activities
    • (e.g., teaching, research, service) (NADOHE Standard).
  • School leadership has current and historical knowledge related to issues of nondiscrimination, access, and equity in higher education institutions (NADOHE Standard).
  • School leadership has awareness and understanding of the various laws, regulations, and policies related to equity and diversity in higher education (NADOHE Standard).
  • School leadership envisions and conceptualizes the diversity mission of the SoE through a broad and inclusive definition of diversity (NADOHE Standard).
  • School leadership understands how institutional programming can be used to enhance the SoE’s diversity mission to support faculty, especially hyperraced faculty and those from historically underrepresented groups (NADOHE Standard).
  • School leadership has basic knowledge of how data can be used to benchmark and promote accountability for the diversity mission (NADOHE Standard).

Planned Actions and Metrics

Strategic Action/Initiative Metric Responsible Unit(s) Timeframe
Support the office and position for Assistant / Associate Dean of DEI.Evaluate office on an ongoing basis as with other parallel offices.Lead: Dean’s OfficeOngoing
Require all SoE leadership to participate in DEI professional development and training (e.g., NADOHE; NCORE).The number of training sessions reported annually. Participant surveys.Lead: Dean’s OfficeAnnually
Ensure that staff are provided with opportunities for DEI professional development.Participant surveys.Lead: Executive Associate DeanOngoing
Evaluate leadership within and across units (programs) to ensure there is equitable distribution amongst faculty.Results of annual reviews.Lead: Executive Associate DeanAnnually

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1 Some of the ‘Best Practices’ listed within the domain of Leadership were informed by the following: http://www.nadohe.org/standards-of-professional-practice-for-chief-diversity-officers and https://inclusion.uoregon.edu/content/leadership.