Diversity Report

2021 Diversity Report

Faculty Sex DiversityTenure TrackNon Tenure Track
Faculty Race/Ethnicity DiversityTenure TrackNon Tenure Track
Black/African American64
Two or More Races10
Student Sex DiversityGraduateUndergraduate
Student Race/Ethnicity DiversityGraduateUndergraduate
Black/African American9330
Two or More Races3730
American Indian2--
Native Hawaiian - Other Pacific Islander3--

  • Community Conversations: connected with faculty, staff, and students from different units, in a monthly forum to foster in-depth dialogue around where we are as a School and how we may practically approach and work towards our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
  • TEA Talks: an on-going series to ensure faculty, staff, and students remain engaged in and continue to champion issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • ED Talks: featured SoE faculty and staff experts who spoke about various topics of interest in the SoE community.
  • DEI Workshops: provided interactive professional development workshops centering equity and inclusion, workshops centered preprofessionals.
  • Just Us Gatherings: informal gatherings with rotating subgroups of faculty and staff through luncheons.
  • Strategic Diversity Leadership Training: year-long diversity series for the executive leadership committee facilitated by external diversity consulting organization.
  • Establish and awarded diversity scholarships (Diggs Award, Ford Award) and outstanding work in DEI awards for faculty and staff

  • Moved full-time employees salaries to dedicated DEI budget in addition to over $37,000 for school-level DEI initiatives
  • Employed 10 students as office assistants
  • $1500 for DEI faculty award
  • $39,500 in diversity scholarships (EDUC HHSP Partnership Award, Jean Ann Ford Education Fund Award)

Assistant Dean
Carl Darnell (darnellc@iu.edu)

Assistant Director, Diversity Initiatives
Julius Hanks (ljhanks@iu.edu)

Diversity Committee Co-Chairs
Tina S. O’Neal (tsoneal@iu.edu)
Gamze Ozogul (gozogul@indiana.edu)

CEP Diversity Taskforce Chair
Barbara Dennis (bkdennis@iu.edu)

CI/LCLE DEI Committee Co-Chairs
Alycia M. Elfreich (amcgowan@iupui.edu)
Serafin Coronel-Molina (scoronel@indiana.edu)

Diversity Committee Members
Gabriele Abowd Damico (gabowd@indiana.edu)
Cindy Ann Kilgo (cakilgo@iu.edu)
Erik Jacobson (erdajaco@indiana.edu)
David Shriberg (dashri@indiana.edu)
Charlotte Agger (cagger@indiana.edu)
Quentin Wheeler-Bell (qwheeler@indiana.edu)
Ellen Vaughan (elvaugha@indiana.edu)
Iesha Sturgis-Jackson (issturgi@indiana.edu)
Da’Je’ Askew (daaskew@iu.edu)
Thomas Lister (tlister@iu.edu)

Graduate Student Ambassador
Courtney Orr (csorr@iu.edu)

Student Ambassadors
Tyrikka Bailey (tymbail@iu.edu)
Asia Burgett (aaburget@iu.edu)
Jalynn Cooper (jalycoop@iu.edu)
Jazmine Cuautle-Quintana (jacuau@iu.edu)
Theophilia Denadi (tdenadi@iu.edu)
Chloe Diaz (cgdiaz@iu.edu)
Naomi Gee (nggee@iu.edu)
Gabrielle Rasdall (grasdall@iu.edu)
Autumn Stevens (aulsteve@iu.edu)

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