Effective as of the Spring 2017 semester, our online courses fall into one of three categories with regard to permission:

No Permission: Most of our online courses have no prerequisites, restrictions, or require any permission. You will be able to register for these courses without permission.

Permission Required: Some online courses do require permission. In these cases, you will need to contact the department that is offering the course to request permission. The course note for these courses will provide the email address for the person you need to contact.

Restricted Courses: Some online courses have restrictions (prerequisites, restricted to a certain academic program, or both). If the course has a restriction, the system will look to see if you meet the course restriction. If you meet the restriction, the system will let you register for that course. If you do not meet the restrictions, the system will prevent you from registering for this course.

Make sure to check for permissions in the course notes. If a course is full you will be able to add yourself to an automatic waitlist.

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