Screening and Training Process

Screening and Training Process

1. Application

Complete and submit the HOPE Mentoring application form.

2. IU Background Check

Submit and pass a background check conducted through the Indiana University. This is a one-time background check that typically costs $18 and is submitted online.

3. Facility Screening

Facility screening includes several components:

  • facility volunteer packet
  • sexual offender screening (the Diana Screening; must be done in person)
  • facility training modules
  • facility orientation
  • TB test (appointment required)

4. HOPE Training Modules

Mentors must complete the five online training modules. These sessions were designed by HOPE staff to help prepare volunteers to be strong mentors and provide helpful information about the youth we are serving.

You may begin these modules at any time, but completion of the online modules does not guarantee you are eligible for mentoring. You must clear all facility screening requirements in order to participate in the HOPE mentoring program as a mentor.

The training are password protected. Please request the password from when you are ready to begin.

5. Observations

Potential mentors must visit the facility, after the completion of the modules, to observe a mentoring session. This observation will be coordinated by a HOPE staff member. The observation is designed to familiarize you with your assigned correctional facility, and allow you to see what a mentoring session looks like in practice.

6. Ongoing Training

Occasional trainings and support sessions will be offered throughout the year to provide mentors with additional support based on feedback. These might address where to find resources for their mentee, how to discuss sensitive topics, or other issues related to mentoring adolescents in the juvenile justice system.

Special Notes and Instructions

Facility Volunteer Packet

This paperwork includes a CPS check. Once submitted by facility staff, you will receive an email from KidTracks asking you to follow a link and submit your official consent to the background check.

TB Test

You must have a TB test completed within the past year, with the results showing negative for TB, in order to be eligible for the program. If you have a test within the last year, you can send a copy of the results to

TB tests can be completed at the facility free of charge one facility screening requirements have been completed. Please note the TB test must be administered and read during regular office hours, 8-4 Monday-Friday. The test is administered and you must return for a reading 48 hours later. Take note of your schedule and proximity to the facility when planning your TB test appointment.

Facility Modules

These are separate from the HOPE training modules. Both must be completed to be considered for mentoring.

For Pendleton (PJCF) mentors:

Pendleton JCF takes walk-in appointments for the sex offender screening. You may either send the completed facility volunteer packet to along with a photo of your drivers license, or bring the completed forms to your appointment.

For Logansport (LJCF) and LaPorte mentors:

Logansport and LaPorte will require making an appointment with the volunteer coordinator. HOPE will connect you to the facility volunteer coordinator upon submission of the volunteer application and IU background check.