Overseas Short-Term Study Experiences


Engage in hands-on learning through this trip to the Teatulia Tea Garden in northeastern Bangladesh! Examine the topics of sustainable agriculture, community development, and access to schooling in a meaningful and impactful way. Work with local farmers, visit a local pre-school, stay at the Teatulia Tea Garden resort and enjoy local organically grown food.


The location is a short ferry ride from Singapore to Batam Island in Indonesia. Volunteer as a teacher aide and student guest mentor, spend two weeks at a school for underprivileged children, help teachers teach your subject area in English and speak English with enthusiastic learners and teachers. Housing and meals provided by the hosting school.

Upcoming Recruitment

The courses and experiences below embed a two-week experience overseas. They will open for recruitment at a later date.

Accra, Ghana

Special Education and Inclusive Practices: A Global Perspective

Contact: Professor Tina O’Neal

This course is designed to provide pre-service teachers (PST’s) with a comprehensive understanding of special education and inclusive practices within a global context. Through theoretical discussions, practical exercises, and a short-term study abroad trip to Ghana, students will explore diverse learning needs, culturally responsive teaching strategies, and the challenges and opportunities of inclusive education on an international scale.

San Jose and San Ramon, Costa Rica

Comparative Higher Education

Contact: Professor Maurice Shirley

Educational institutions around the world operate differently based on structure and theories that guide operations. Students interested in studying would benefit from a visit to Costa Rica, comparing the organization, structure, and policies of foreign college/university systems to those found within the United States. This is because, unlike the U.S., which bestows most higher education regulatory practices to the states and regional accreditation agencies, higher education in Costa Rica is primarily regulated by the Ministry of Education, a federal entity.

New Delhi, India

Visual Methodologies and Arts-Based Research

Contact: Professor Vivek Vellanki

This course includes a 2-week study abroad program in India that introduces students to research and art practices within the Indian context. In particular, the program highlights collaborative practices that center the voices of children, youth, and marginalized groups in society.

Hamburg, Germany

Leadership training

Contact: Dr. Gloria Howell
Director, Neal Marshall Black Culture Center

Dr. Gloria Howell will take students as part of the educational leadership training for young scholars and teachers of color to Germany.