Licensing Outside Indiana

Licensing Outside Indiana

The state of Indiana maintains reciprocal agreements with the majority of U.S. states. These agreements allow teachers with a current Indiana license to continue teaching while they earn a license from a partner state (usually through additional course work or testing). Even states without reciprocal agreements in place may agree to accept teachers with an Indiana license on a case-by-case basis.

Because state licensing regulations are constantly evolving, the best way to ensure that you have the necessary credentials to teach outside Indiana is to contact the state where you hope to work. You can also review each state’s licensing requirements to see what you will need to do to earn a license there. Changes in policy and reciprocal agreements frequently occur without advance notice.

While our primary focus is Indiana teaching licenses, we can also help you navigate license requirements in other states. The most comprehensive source of information about getting licensed to teach outside Indiana is the Department of Education in the state where you plan to teach. Should you have residual questions after contacting the respective Department of Education, we will provide as much assistance as possible.

Teacher Licensing Information by U.S. State

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