About CRLT

About the Center

Technology is reshaping our relationship with the world. The Internet, video games, mobile phones, robotics, and ubiquitous computing are creating novel ways to communicate, play, learn, and explore.

We support people who are shaping how technology impacts and changes education. We’re engaged in a wide variety of activities, seminars, projects, and programs — all designed to advance the use of technology for teaching and learning across all levels of education. Beyond developing innovative technological applications, we’re also committed to understanding the challenges and opportunities of implementing these technologies.

Our mission is to study and develop pioneering learning environments that foster ambitious learning practices.  We are committed to advancing research and practice by tackling challenges that converge at the nexus of pedagogy, technology, learning theory, and the knowledge demands of the 21st century. Through research and development activity, we seek to address these challenges in both informal and formal settings with rigorous research methods and innovative designs.