Report Facility Issue

Report Facility Issue

Use the form linked below to report non-emergencies including:

  • Security issues such as a door that won’t lock or keys that are locked inside an office
  • Maintenance issues such as a clogged sink or burnt out light
  • Furniture that needs to be moved or repaired
  • Custodial issues such as offices that need to be vacuumed or have trash removed

For emergencies during normal business hours (e.g., water pouring out of the ceiling), please call or contact Tim Hansel, Facilities Operations Coordinator, at 812-856-0574 or in ED 1238.

For emergencies after hours and on weekends, please call the IUB Facility Operations Control Center at 812-855-8728.

In case of an emergency that could result in serious injury, call 911 immediately.

Report a facility issue