About CPR

About the Center

The Center for Postsecondary Research (CPR) promotes student success and institutional excellence by conducting and disseminating research on student access, assessment, engagement, and persistence and by assisting postsecondary institutions and related agencies in gathering and using data for educational decision making and institutional improvement.



CPR investigates processes and practices that influence student success and institutional excellence in higher education and promotes those found to be effective. 



  1. To support higher education scholars at Indiana University in developing and sustaining high quality, externally funded projects that further the CPR mission.
  2. To advance the field of higher education by conducting, publishing, and presenting meaningful research related to the CPR mission.
  3. To provide resources and services to higher education units, institutions, organizations, and systems—locally, nationally, and internationally—for assessing and improving the quality of higher education.
  4. To support graduate education in Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) and other graduate programs at Indiana University through assistantships and other learning opportunities.