It’s really the people that make the School of Education the open learning environment that it is. We hire people who are talented and dedicated. Like our students, the faculty and staff hail from all walks of life. They bring unique perspectives, diverse cultures, and unfaltering commitment to our organization.

We share a vision for making a difference in the lives of learners in Indiana, throughout the United States and around the world. We believe the need for education crosses all borders. Our united goal is to help people reach their full potential through education. We strive to maintain an open culture in which everyone contributes ideas, opinions and skills. Our team is ready to do whatever it takes to enhance our students’ experience, improve learning environments, expand understanding through research, and prepare outstanding educators.

Our community is committed to improving education locally and globally through leadership in all aspects of the educational experience, from early childhood education and curriculum instruction to educational technology and policy studies. We’re committed to achieving excellence through cultural diversity. A wide range of experiences, interests, backgrounds, and perspectives enriches the quality of the education we offer our students and prepares them for a changing profession and world.

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