Instructional Consulting

Instructional Consulting

Instructional Consulting (IC) promotes the development of quality instruction, high levels of student learning, and instructional innovations within the School of Education.

We offer services for School of Education faculty, staff, and associate instructors, such as course design planning, just-in-time classroom technology assistance, and Canvas consultation. We also can schedule time for a meeting session.


  • Individual consultations for the purposes of teaching improvement and/or innovation
  • Collaboration on instructional development and instructional technology
  • Guidance for development, teaching, and management of online courses
  • Suggestion of resources and campus support for course development
  • Design, collection, and interpretation of student feedback
  • Referrals to and connections with CITL and other resources on campus

Services Not Provided

IC does not provide clerical or teaching assistant services, such as creating course-sites, producing media, or helping with faculty workload, nor is this part of our mission. However, IC would be happy to train faculty, staff and AIs to enable them to be productive in these areas.