Instructional Consulting


  • Individual consultations for the purposes of teaching improvement and/or innovation
  • Collaboration on instructional development and instructional technology
  • Guidance for development, teaching, and management of online courses
  • Suggestion of resources and campus support for course development
  • Design, collection, and interpretation of student feedback
  • Referrals to and connections with CITL and other resources on campus

Services Not Provided

IC is not properly staffed to provide clerical or teaching assistant services, such as creating course-sites, producing media, or helping with faculty workload, nor is this part of our mission. However, IC would be happy to train faculty, staff and AIs to enable them to be productive in these areas.

Instructional Resources

IC Quick Tips

One of the most common requests we receive is for assistance in copying contents from a previous version of a Canvas course into a new version. See all of our short demonstration videos on our IC Quick Tips channel in Kaltura.

IC Newsletter

Instructional Consulting produces a brief newsletter that provides information about workshops, events, and other resources related to teaching and learning. To subscribe to the IC newsletter, send an email to Note: You will receive an email prompting you to confirm your subscription. Click on the link in the email to complete the subscription process.


EdStart is a series of casual "lunch & learn" sessions intended to share knowledge about and stimulate interest in various tools and technologies that can help you manage, enrich, and enliven your courses. Every few weeks we'll examine a tool that you can use in your teaching and discuss related methods, issues, personal experiences, and more. Bring your lunch and I'll bring cookies :) See the SoE Events page for future EdStart sessions.