Employer Evaluations

Employer Evaluations


Each year, each school corporation is required to provide the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) the results of staff performance evaluations for each teacher employed by the school also noting the name of the teacher preparation program they completed. These performance evaluations reflect:

  • student assessment results from statewide assessments for certificated employees whose responsibilities include instruction in subjects measured in statewide assessments;
  • methods for assessing student growth for certificated employees who do not teach in areas measured by statewide assessments; and
  • student assessment results from locally developed assessments and other test measures for certificated employees whose responsibilities may or may not include instruction in subjects and areas measured by statewide assessments.
  • Rigorous measures of effectiveness, including observations and other performance indicators.
  • An annual designation of each certificated employee in one (1) of the following rating categories:
    • Highly effective
    • Effective
    • Improvement necessary
    • Ineffective


Provided in the tables below are the results of teacher evaluations from 2019-2020 for Indiana University-Bloomington (IUB) graduates, along with comparative statewide data.

2019-2020 Teacher Prep Staff Performance Results

Indiana University-Bloomington Results by Years of Experience

Results1 Year%2 Years%3 Years%
Highly Effective2113.7%3825.7%6739.9%
Improvement Necessary42.6%10.7%00.0%
Not Applicable/Not Evaluated2818.3%1610.8%95.4%

Statewide Results by Years of Experience

Results1 Year%2 Years%3 Years%
Highly Effective53714.2%78723.0%102334.4%
Improvement Necessary1624.3%872.5%421.4%
Not Applicable/Not Evaluated67617.9%3179.3%1856.2%