Cost-Share and Matching Funds on External Grant Proposals

Cost-Share and Matching Funds on External Grant Proposals

The School of Education helps faculty meet cost-share/matching funds in several ways:

  1. New faculty are provided with start-up funds placed in their faculty research accounts.
  2. A portion of the Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) from Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) grant awards is put into their faculty research accounts.
  3. The School of Education provides several hoteling offices that can be reserved for personnel on grants.
  4. Tenured and tenure-track faculty are provided flexibility in using their contracted research time.
  5. Education Technology Service (ETS) provides technology that can be checked out in the short term.

Your grant support team can help you navigate the options. In cases where faculty are seeking items that are not already in their control to use or do not have sufficient funds in their research accounts, they can apply for the needed cost-share/matching funds using the process described below. Given limited available funds, the School of Education cannot consider requests for matching funds when sufficient funds exist in the faculty member’s research account unless a clear justification can be provided. The process for requesting cost-share or matching funds is to send an email to outlining what is requested from the School of Education and why the funds previously mentioned are not being used to requirement. The following information is also required in your email:

  • URL to the call for proposals that clearly states the need for cost-share/matching funds
  • Draft or detailed outline of the grant proposal.
  • Grant budget that was developed by one of the School of Education’s fiscal support staff

Upon receipt of these materials, the R&D office will respond within two and three weeks.