Graduation Deadlines

Spring 2024 Graduation Deadlines

Planning to graduate between September and December? Plan ahead!

If you will be completing degree requirements between January 1 and August 31, 2024, please be aware of this important deadline to ensure that your name appears in the commencement program.

By Monday, February 26, 2024:

Certificate, Master’s, Ed.S., and Ed.D. students apply through GEMS. Even if you choose not to participate in commencement, you still must apply to graduate before a degree will be conferred.

Ph.D. students need to apply by submitting a Ph.D. Commencement Participation Application eDoc. Your Nomination of Research Committee eDoc must be approved before the University Graduate School will approve your graduation application. If you are also receiving a Certificate, Master’s or Specialist degree in addition to your Doctorate, you must apply separately for that through GEMS.

NOTE: When answering the e-doc question “Month of Anticipated Graduation” it is important to indicate the month your degree will be awarded and not the month the ceremony will take place. (i.e., if your degree will be awarded in June 2024 and you will participate in the May 2024 ceremony, you would select June 2024 as the month of anticipated graduation.) Keep in mind that internships and practicums must be complete and graded before degrees can be awarded.

Information for all students and faculty about the commencement ceremony, the Grad Fair, and what to wear can be found at the Indiana University Bloomington Commencement website.