Visiting Scholar Policies

Visiting Scholar Policies

Visits are covered by the following policy regarding responsibilities of scholars and sponsoring members of faculty.

Before acceptance/arrival:

  • (Typically) hold a faculty position, or a comparable research or administrative appointment, with a recognized institution
  • Identify a faculty sponsor
  • Provide required documentation as listed on the SoE website
  • Secure housing for period of stay while in Bloomington

During visit:

Two weeks or more before leaving IU:

  • A short (2-page) Visiting Scholar Report, outlining tangible accomplishment(s) achieved during the visit, to complete your visit.

Before the scholar arrives:

  • Send an email to of your willingness to support the visiting scholar, and provide a short statement of expectation for support for and/or collaboration with the visiting scholar.

After the scholar arrives:

  • Introduce the visiting scholar at a department or program faculty meeting during the scholar’s visit
  • Provide the support and/or carry out activities included in the Sponsor form

International Programs Committee Policy recommendations for Visiting Scholars

  1. No more than three International Visiting Scholars at a time may be hosted by any faculty.
  2. Visiting Scholars must be affiliated with a recognized university as faculty, advanced doctoral candidate, or administrator.
  3. Deadlines for applications: Fall Term: November 1 of previous year. Spring and Summer Term: April 1 of previous year.
  4. Faculty hosts are the primary contact and therefore should only accept an International Visiting Scholar if they will be present on campus to supervise and assist their visitor.
  5. All visiting scholars will be required to complete an application form and to pay all the appropriate fees.
  6. All visiting scholars will be required to complete a Visiting Scholars Report before the completion of their visit and sent it to their faculty sponsor.
  7. The faculty sponsor must then send the report to CIEDR for filing purposes.
  8. An application fee will be charged for visiting scholars with a possible waiver for those coming from minority countries. It is anticipated that the fee should be kept low and accessible.