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Student teaching placements are made in Accra. Students may live in homestays or in boarding facilities provided by our collaborators at the Aya Centre.

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Costs and Scholarships

Global Gateway for Teachers cannot provide exact cost information since costs will vary throughout the year and from one individual to the next. Please note that all estimates are listed in U.S. Dollars. Keep in mind that foreign currency exchange rates will affect the value of the U.S. Dollar and hence your budget.

Teaching Responsibilities

Classroom instruction is largely in English, so you will likely be able to teach in your own content areas. Because Ghana is surrounded by French-speaking countries, placements may also be made in “bilingual” schools for student teachers who know French. Further, it may be possible to fulfill the practicum requirements in Ghana for the ENL license addition.

Other Considerations

Opportunities may exist for student teachers to spend a portion (one or two weeks) of the eight-week placement in a school in the Nima settlement of Accra. Additionally, students should be prepared for higher accommodation costs in Ghana.

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For general program interest or inquiries, please write to us at

Dr. Laura Stachowski
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Eunice Epling
Assistant Director
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