Student Emergency Fund

Student Emergency Fund

Get help with unexpected emergency expenses.

The Student Emergency Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to students in School of Education degree programs who are experiencing an emergency related to an unexpected financial difficulty that is impacting the ability to remain enrolled at IUB. Students may be eligible to receive emergency funding for expenses such as:

  • Emergency Housing/Rent/Utilities
  • Emergency Medical/Dental/Mental Health Related Expenses
  • Education Materials (e.g., technology, books, hardware or software)
  • Emergency Childcare
  • Unexpected Tuition/Fee Expenses

Requesting Emergency Funding

To receive emergency funding, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and go through the application process. Emergency funding is generally limited to $1,000 maximum per academic year.

Emergency funding is available only for Fall and Spring semesters.

To be eligible to receive emergency funding, a student must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a School of Education program
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Be enrolled at full time student status each semester in which the emergency student fund is received (12 credits for undergraduates/8 credits for graduates)*
  • Demonstrate financial hardship due to emergency, illness, or other unforeseen events
  • Be prepared to provide documentation of emergency expenses if requested during the review process
  • Be eligible for the additional aid according to the Office of Student Financial Assistance (determined as part of the application process)
  • Domestic students who have filed the FAFSA must have remaining financial need according to federal guidelines
  • International students must have applied for hardship assistance through OIS and have remaining need.

*This does not apply to doctoral students who have completed all program coursework and are enrolled in dissertation credits. Student Academic Appointees at 37.5 FTE% or more need to be enrolled in no less than 6 credit hours per semester. If you are not enrolled in the minimum requirements, the funds will not disburse, and will be cancelled.

  • Complete the emergency funding request form below.
  • Monitor your IU email in case a staff member from the IU School of Education needs to discuss your application.
  • Make sure you have set up Direct Deposit of Bursar Refunds in One.IU.

Apply for funding

Each application is reviewed individually. The following factors will be considered:

  • The specific and immediate impacts the emergency may be having on the student’s welfare and academic progress.
  • The circumstances and urgency of the emergency and the full amount of the student’s hardships.
  • Other resources or support that the student may have available to them.
  • Other information provided by third parties by the student’s permission, such as advocates or advisors, that may help clarify the student’s situation.

Every effort will be made to process these applications in a timely manner, but please be aware that review will likely not take place over weekends or during school breaks.


Funds from the IU Bloomington School of Education Student Emergency Fund must first be applied to any outstanding balance on a student’s Bursar account. If there is a $0 balance on the Bursar account, the emergency funding will be direct deposited to the student’s designated bank account set up via the Direct Deposit of Bursar Refunds app in One.IU.