Accessible Virtual Tour

Accessible Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the IU School of Education.

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The Wendell W. Wright Building is the home of the IU School of Education. Trusted guides lead you through the building, pointing out key areas along the way.

Ground Floor

Center for Human Growth Counseling

Center for Human Growth

The Center for Human Growth Counseling Clinic provides support for mild to moderate mental health issues. As a client, you’ll receive support from our student counselors, supervised by a licensed faculty member. Multilingual services are available in English, Mandarin and Spanish.

First Floor

Suite 1000

Speaker: Shauntell Harris

“Welcome to Suite 1000 – home to many of the undergraduate education offices in the School of Education. Since this is the first office that people see when they enter the building from the parking garage, we get many questions at the front desk and staff are happy to assist in any way they can. In this suite you’ll find Academic Advising, Clinical Experiences, Career Connections, Undergraduate Deans, Records and Licensing, and Recruitment are located here. It’s also home to Global Gateway for teachers: our unique study abroad program. Got questions? Stop into Suite 1000.”

ED 1002

School of Education classroom

ED 1002 is an example of a classroom that promotes collaborative and interactive teaching methods. Seating capacity is 24.

Education Library

Speaker: Christina Jones

“Welcome to the Education Library – your place to learn, discover, connect, and create. Among our shelves, you will find scholarship to support research and handbooks with proven classroom strategies. The Education Library has a large collection of children’s literature to support your own work in the field. In this collection, discover stories from diverse authors to help inspire young learners. Find a seat by the window for quiet study or use one of our tables or meeting rooms to connect with other students. Computers, printers and scanners are available to help your productivity. Stop by our discovery room to select from a variety of items that bring stories to life as you work in the field. Throughout the year, we will hold clubs and workshops to help you grow as an educator and leave with tools you can use in the field! Stop in or schedule a research consultation to learn how to leverage library resources in your work at the School of Education. Hope to see you at the library!”

ED 1120 - Auditorium

School of Education auditorium

Many of the larger events in the School of Education occur in ED 1120, more commonly referred simply as “the auditorium.” The seating capacity is 159.

Uplands Maker Mobile

Uplands Maker Mobile

Loaded with a full suite of maker tools (including 3D printers, laser cutters, Cricut machines, sewing machines, CNC routers and electronics, as well as hand tools, crafting and carpentry tools) the Uplands Maker Mobile brings making to schools and organizations through workshops with children or adults, development and training for professionals or teachers, or assisting with events and projects.

Second Floor

ED 2002 - DEI Office

Speaker: L. Julius Hanks II

“Welcome to room 2002, the new home to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Here is the home of your "Community Conversations," CODE, an undergraduate student organization dedicated to a group of diverse educators as well as the Holmes Scholars program which is a student organization dedicated to doctoral students. Here, this is our first year, our first academic year and we're waiting for you. Feel free to stop by as soon as you get off the elevator, make a right, we'll be here for you.”

ED 2011 - Computer Lounge

Speaker: Shauntell Harris

“Welcome to the computer lounge. This gorgeous room includes lots of technology and provides students a space to collaborate and study. The small group spaces include technology and white boards and the lounge also has public computers and a printer that are also accessible to students. The School of Education has some great study spaces. At the end of this floor, we also have some remote group study spaces that are known to be extremely quiet.”

ED 2015

MOSAIC clasroom

The signature classroom in the School of Education, ED 2015 is a Mosaic active learning certified classroom (level 11). With input from faculty, students, technologists, and designers, resources have been applied to ensure that classrooms are conducive to teaching and learning. The seating capacity is 36.

ED 2100 - Graduate Studies

Speaker: Matt Boots

“Hi and welcome to the 2100 suite, the home of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research and Development. Here in Graduate Studies, our goal is to get you graduated on time with as little hassle as possible. You can come to our office for questions about admissions, your fellowships, and most importantly, ‘How do I get to my goal of graduating?’ We're happy to have you here and we're happy to help you so please come by and see us so we can get you on the right course.”

ED 2140

School of Education Conference Room

Overlooking both the entrance and the atrium balcony, ED 2140 is a popular conference room that has a capacity of 50 people.

ED 2260 - MILL

The Make, Innovate, Learn Lab (MILL)

The Make, Innovate, Learn Lab (MILL) Makerspace is a space for interested educators, curious tinkerers, and inspired inventors who are looking for a place where they can learn skills and access tools and guidance to turn their ideas into reality.

ED 2261 - Academic Media Production Space

Academic media production space

Academic Media Production Spaces (AMPS) are recording facilities for faculty use, with technology suited for producing high-quality instructional audio and video content. Intended to be an improvement on do-it-yourself instructional media production, these spaces provide the technology to produce content of a higher quality allowing greater student engagement and retention. This space is a full-service facility staffed with video production professionals who work in collaboration with the faculty member to create mediated academic content.

Third Floor

ED 3221 - Study space

Speaker: Shauntell Harris

“Looking for a quiet study space where you can focus? This space has tables and private study spaces for both undergraduate and graduate students to use to study. Located outside faculty offices, this space is away from classrooms which provide another student-centered space to utilize.”

Fourth Floor

ED 4105 - Dean’s Suite

School of Education Dean's Suite

The Dean's Office facilitates faculty and staff development, including promotion and tenure for tenure-track faculty and promotion and long-term contracts for clinical faculty. This office also coordinates all hiring of faculty and staff, provides administrative support for the faculty-elected Policy Council, and maintains records of program approval and accreditation.

ED 4112 - Conference Room

School of Education fourth floor conference room

Situated within the Dean’s Suite, ED 4112 is a small conference room that holds 10 people.

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