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Changing the world through education research

At the IU School of Education, we are expanding our already impressive research initiatives, fighting for equity and justice for underrepresented populations, and training our students to be education leaders, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Research is at the heart of what we do and it informs every part of our mission. Whether it’s by adapting artificial intelligence to enhance classroom instruction or expanding mental health services to schools in need, we are committed to responding to the rapidly changing educational landscape. Education has never been more important and these highlights are just a small sample of our work here in the IU School of Education.


Stacy Morrone
Dean, Indiana University Bloomington School of Education

Advancing Next Generation Science Standards

With a $1.5 million National Science Foundation grant, Joshua Danish and Cindy Hmelo-Silver will help IU School of Education researchers develop a suite of tools to increase the capacity to engage young learners in ambitious science educational experiences that are consistent with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Students conducting a science experiment with teacher looking on

Supporting teachers to help them learn from each other

A new grant will help IU School of Education researchers develop a suite of tools to support students as they construct and critique models in science education.

Expanding mental health services in schools

With a five-year $3.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Heather Ormiston is working to help recruit, train, and retain school counselors to implement mental health services in schools.

How LGBTQ+ students thrive in postsecondary education

A new study, led by Cindy Ann Kilgo, hopes to find new ways for higher education and student affairs professionals to support LGBTQ+ college students while also shifting the narrative about their postsecondary education experiences.

$1.3 million grant funds new program for middle schoolers' data literacy

With a $1.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation, Joshua Danish and Cindy Hmelo-Silver will support middle school students' data literacy with the help of their open-source analysis tool Net.Create.

Improving outcomes of toddlers with autism

A new $3.8 million grant from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) will fund a project led by Hannah Schertz and Jessica Lester to address the need for effective early intervention for toddlers with autism while examining the efficacy of an intervention framework that helps early intervention providers (EIPs) support families of toddlers with autism.

What Happened When One of the First Large School Districts Adopted a Four-Day Week

A new study from Frank Perrone shows that school districts in metropolitan areas looking to cut a day from their academic week should be prepared to see drops in teacher retention, student achievement, and home values within their boundaries, at least in the short-term.

Hmelo-Silver elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Distinguished Professor Cindy Hmelo-Silver has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the oldest and most prestigious honorary societies in the United States. Hmelo-Silver’s scholarship has bridged K-12 and higher education communities, providing them a process for implementing problem-based learning strategies in a variety of instructional settings with applications across many disciplines.

Cindy Hmelo-Silver
Cindy Hmelo-Silver

AI Goes Rural enhances student and teacher experiences in rural Indiana

IU School of Education faculty continue their mission to introduce AI in rural communities in this three-year project funded by the National Defense Education Program.

Students working at a computer together

Improving analytics for school corporations

INsite, a IU School of Education partnership with school districts across the state, provides faculty with access to advanced data analytics, visualization, and development for the purpose of catalyzing their research.

Honoring the legacy of Elder Watson Diggs

Elder Watson Diggs founded Kappa Alpha Psi Founder and was the first African American to graduate with a degree in education from IU, We presented the first annual Elder Watson Diggs Symposium and unveiled a new portrait to be hung in the IU School of Education.

Workshop helps science educators teach climate change

Led by Adam Scribner, Educating for Environmental Change provides professional development programs to help K-12 science educators effectively teach the science and policy of climate change.

Expanding teacher resources in Thailand and Myanmar

School shutdowns due to the pandemic in 2019 and a military coup in 2021 left teachers in Myanmar without access to professional development resources and training. A program from the IU School of Education is helping to change that.

Innovative new online program for school leaders

The IU School of Education launched an online program designed to support classroom teachers who are seeking leadership development opportunities. The Teacher Leader Pathway provides classroom teachers with two years of classroom experience an opportunity to acquire important leadership skills that create opportunities for professional advancement.


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