Overseas Program for Experienced Teachers

Overseas Program for Experienced Teachers

The Global Gateway for Teachers offers licensed teachers and administrators exciting professional opportunities spanning three weeks in overseas schools and communities! US educators can build new skills, develop global perspectives, and gain insights on teaching and learning in international contexts.

As an OPET participant, you will partner with experienced educators overseas in direct teaching environments and in other professional activities in school and out. You will immerse yourself in the host community by living in a homestay or other community-based arrangement.

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You will develop new teaching ideas and materials and hone your professional skills, while earning three graduate credits through Indiana University. By the time you return home, you will have forged strong relationships with host nation colleagues who share your commitment to education and who value the benefits of international engagement.

Host Countries

Choosing a Host Nation

Please read the OPET Program Booklet for information to guide your selection of a host nation for the overseas experience, for example, in ensuring your availability to go overseas aligns with the host nation’s school calendar. In all cases, you are encouraged to contact us to explore the locations that may best suit your interests and your goals for this experience, and to address any questions you may have.

What You'll Teach

Your choice of host country should be guided by your professional goals as well as your personal preferences. Seize the opportunity to stretch yourself professionally and personally by selecting an environment that is substantially different from your own.

Placements will be evaluated to achieve the best fit based on your licensing areas and the host school’s needs.

Most participating schools value the program because it provides collaboration among experienced educators and offers students the benefit of their combined expertise. Students enjoy interacting with other professional educators and being exposed to U.S. culture. Your specific teaching responsibilities will depend on your professional goals as an educator.







Eligibility Requirements

Participants must have earned a bachelor’s degree and have at least one year of teaching experience in a K-12 environment. Each participant must also have a valid United States passport.

Foreign Language Requirements

There are no foreign-language proficiency requirements for most locations, with these exceptions:

  • In Costa Rica and Ecuador, we recommend basic Spanish-language proficiency.
  • In Spain, we recommend advanced conversational Spanish proficiency.

If going to a non-English speaking country, we do encourage participants to learn basic words and sentences in their host country’s native language, either by enrolling in an introductory course or using self-study materials.

What It Costs

Read the Program Booklet and contact the program directors for more information.