Advisory Board

Dr. Krista Glazewski

Dr. Krista Glazewski was interested in PBL before she knew it was called PBL. As a middle school teacher of ESL, language arts, and social studies during the mid 1990s, she sought to engage students in meaningful, cross-disciplinary inquiry. Her classroom inquiry projects ranged in scope from school dumpster excavations to home/neighborhood explorations. Instinctively, she knew that involving students in this work created a relevant, meaningful connection for them, and anecdotally she observed greater motivation, engagement, and achievement among most of her students. It was these interests that led to her doctoral work and prepared her for more systematic, rigorous investigations of Problem-Based Learning. For almost ten years she has been engaging in the scholarship of PBL, exploring questions of curricular design, student engagement, and teacher support / professional development. Most recently, her projects have sought to support the work of secondary science and elementary teachers in their efforts to consider issues of pedagogy and science knowledge as they shift toward the practice of PBL. In this context, she has examined how technology tools may support their efforts. This work has implications for how we prepare teachers and support risk-taking in their practice.