The Five Functions of DEI

The Five Functions of DEI

To fulfill the mission along this foundational track, we methodically plan, develop, and implement functions in five distinct areas:

Our communications function involves how we connect with our stakeholders and community. Within this function our office:

  • Develops diversity program newsletters
  • Curates a social media presence focusing on diversity initiatives
  • Ensures our online and marketing materials align with current and emergent DEI goals

Current ODEI-related marketing initiatives

The Outreach task of DEI includes working with multiple offices to enhance the recruitment of students, faculty, and staff from populations underrepresented in the School of Education.

Outreach team members foster relationships with high schools throughout the state of Indiana, schedule high school visits, and develop “college knowledge, college fit” workshops for perspective high school students and their families.

Within the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion the programming team works to host events and programs that encompass the DEI vision. These programs are planned and lead entirely by our office to enhance student life by offering resource. Continuous Programs include:

The programming function of DEI also hosts events to provide ongoing support for students throughout the university and to unify students, staff and faculty. Smaller programs include:

  • Networking Opportunities (Pizza With Professionals)
  • Panels (Study Abroad, Graduate School)

Mentoring is a major component of the DEI office Ongoing Support function. DEI Student Ambassadors serve as college mentors for high school students sharing stories about college life, walking students through college and scholarship application processes, and providing both academic enrichment and social support.

ODEI provides year-long mentoring for current high school seniors to support the high school to college transition:

  • Mentor Year

ODEI provides support for currently enrolled college students in the form of:

  • Peer mentoring opportunities in conjunction with FASE
  • Leadership and social support opportunities through student organizations
    • Balfour Us – Balance for Underrepresented Students
    • Community of Diverse Educators (CODE)
    • Students of Education for Equity and Diversity (SEED)

We also aim to bolster Black, Latinx, and indigenous faculty retention through:

  • Diversity Networking Lunches/Gatherings

Faculty DEI Ambassador Program

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion implements our research function by evaluating how School of Education communications, outreach, programming, and support services align with our diversity mission. The results of our research will inform how we

  • enhance our online and marketing materials
  • reach out to share our message and mission with the greater community
  • invite prospective educators and staffers to participate in our on-campus programs
  • provide ongoing support for program participants through mentor sessions and diversity networking luncheons.

Moreover, DEI research will result in resources we may provide educators seeking to infuse diversity into lesson plans, equity into the curriculum, and inclusion into educational services and cocurricular programs. 

The research and resource functions within the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion allow progress to be evaluated and improved by our current research efforts:

  • Developing a Policy & Building Audit
  • Examining Cultural Identity Development in a Pre-College Program
  • Assessing Results of a College Readiness Program