2020 Report

2020 Diversity Report

Diversity Demographics


Tenure Track


Non Tenure Track



Tenure Track

African American6
Asian American3
Two or More Races1

Non Tenure Track

African American3
Asian American2


Undergraduate Students


Graduate Students



Undergraduate Students

African American25
Two or More Races24
Asian American12

Graduate Students

African American87
Two or more races34
Asian American29
American Indigenous2
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander1

Diversity Initiatives and Investments

Balfour Scholars: Research project, college readiness and success program, and precollege academy all designed to empower hyperraced students to pursue and complete a post-secondary academic program.

  • Balfour Pre-College Academy: Supported by a grant from the Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, the Balfour Scholars Program (BSP) is a free program for high school juniors designed to help cultivate student academic and career development as well as minimize misperceptions about affordability, unfamiliarity with higher education, and difficulties with cultural adjustment that prevent students from successfully matriculating and graduating from college.
  • Balfour Scholars Program: Ongoing support for Scholars enrolled at Indiana University. BSP hosts workshops, academic and social events, and a student organization to keep Scholars engaged with the institution from their first year in college to their graduation.
  • Research project: Data collection, analysis, and reporting on the high school to college transition for hyperraced students. Research results disseminated mainly through campus and conference presentations.

Encourages hyperraced women to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The initiative involves 50 graduate, undergraduate, and high school students in a year-long program. Includes talks from STEM professionals, outreach activities that engage high school students in the real-world applicability of STEM skills, and job shadowing around Bloomington, Indiana.

Chapter of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Holmes Scholars Program. Designed to supports students from historically underrepresented communities enrolled in doctoral programs in education. Holmes Scholars Program is a growing national community of administrators, faculty, and students dedicated to diversifying the field of education.

Participants: 10

The College, Culture, and Career Academy (CCCA) is a college readiness, access, and success program for Black, Latinx, indigenous students, and rural males interested in careers in education. ODEI facilitates monthly college readiness workshops for academy participants and connects each participant with a college mentor. Partnered with Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives for the January and February 2020 sessions.

Participants: 24

Monthly forum for faculty, staff, and students interested in discussing our approach to inclusion, and: how we may immediately begin incorporating race and equity initiatives into all that we do within the IUB School of Education. The Community Conversations initiative is designed to foster in-depth dialogue among small groups of faculty, staff, and students to discuss where we are as a School and how we may practically approach and work towards our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

  1. Diversity Training: Confronting Bias and Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues: 68 Participants
  2. Cultural Humility: 52 Participants
  3. Antiracism: 72 Participants
  4. Ally to Coconspirator: 46 Participants

An ongoing, interactive speaker series to engage faculty, staff, and students in courageous and risk-taking conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. TEA Talks began January 2017 with topics like implicit bias, intersectionality, and microaggressions.

Participants: 59

Monthly series in the School of Education featuring faculty and staff experts speaking on topics of interest to the internal School community. Establishes sessions for School employees to learn from and with one another, to better understand university operations, highlight campus tools and resources available for professional growth and development, and to share new processes employees have created to improve student services and learning.

Weekly professional development series focusing on enhancing the capacity of employees. The training, hosted by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, takes place on Friday afternoons and features speakers from the School, IUB campus, and the larger higher education community. The series regularly hosts presentations from Principal Investigators in the School’s Center for Research on Learning and Technology (CRLT), as well as IU alumni who have published and speak on DEI topics.

Race, Spirituality, and Religion: 28 Participants

Student Activism: 26 Participants

ODEI developed and published an internal bias incident report form accessible on the School of Education website. The School procedure for reporting bias incidents and safety concerns aligns directly with campus-wide protocol; accordingly, reported incidents simultaneously reach the campus bias incident responder and the School’s assistant dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Bias Incidents Reported in 2020: 5

Dr. Stephanie Power-Carter, former Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Director and School of Education professor, hosted two teach-ins in collaboration with local schools. Celebration and teach-in commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King’s activism and legacy. Dr. Power-Carter facilitated a MLK celebration and teach-in program for elementary school students and their families, and a separate Activate Your Activism teach-in for middle and high school students.

Participants: 55+

Dr. Stephanie Power-Carter, former Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Director and School of Education professor, hosted the 18th annual African American Read-in for over 100 local high school students in the Monroe County Community School Corporation. The National African American Read-in is a national initiative started in 1990 by the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English to encourage communities to read together by centering African American books and authors in effort to make literacy a significant part of Black History Month.

Participants: 100+

ODEI hosted School of Education professor Joel Wong’s workshop on cultural humility. In the workshop, Professor Wong addressed the three dimensions of cultural humility, how it differs from cultural competence, and provided practical strategies for cultivating cultural humility in individual’s work with students, staff, and faculty.

Participants: 96

ODEI invited Counseling and Psychological Services to speak on maintaining mental wellness for a) hyperraced students disproportionately affected by nationwide police brutality, b) international students distressed by the notice published by U.S. Immagration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) threatening the deportation of international college students enrolled in online courses only.

The department-led Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into your Syllabi event was designed to be the first in a series of workshops that address diversity, equity, and inclusion in course climate, pedagogy, and content. The workshop featured online presentations, activities, and breakout discussions.

Diversity Leadership

Assistant Dean
Carl Darnell (darnellc@iu.edu)

CEP Diversity Taskforce Chair
Barbara Dennis (bkdennis@iu.edu)

CI/LCLE DEI Committee Co-Chairs
Alycia M. Elfreich (amcgowan@iupui.edu)
Serafin Coronel-Molina (scoronel@indiana.edu)

Diversity Committee Co-Chairs
Tina S. O’Neal (tsoneal@iu.edu)
Gamze Ozogul (gozogul@indiana.edu)

Diversity Committee Members
David Shriberg (dashri@indiana.edu)
Charlotte Agger (cagger@indiana.edu)
Quentin Wheeler-Bell (qwheeler@indiana.edu)
Ellen Vaughan (elvaugha@indiana.edu)
Gabriele Abowd Damico (gabowd@indiana.edu)
Erik Jacobson (erdajaco@indiana.edu)
Cindy Ann Kilgo (cakilgo@iu.edu)
Thomas Lister (tlister@iu.edu)
Gamze Ozogul (gozogul@indiana.edu)
Iesha Sturgis-Jackson (issturgi@indiana.edu)

Graduate Student Ambassador
Courtney Orr (csorr@iu.edu)

Student Ambassadors
Tyrikka Bailey (tymbail@iu.edu)
Asia Burgett (aaburget@iu.edu)
Jalynn Cooper (jalycoop@iu.edu)
Jazmine Cuautle-Quintana (jacuau@iu.edu)
Theophilia Denadi (tdenadi@iu.edu)
Chloe Diaz (cgdiaz@iu.edu)
Naomi Gee (nggee@iu.edu)
Gabrielle Rasdall (grasdall@iu.edu)
Autumn Stevens (aulsteve@iu.edu)