Professional Distinction


In this one credit, 8-week class you will learn and develop classroom management and teaching strategies to prepare you to serve as a substitute teacher with Indiana school districts.

Through the coursework, you will:

  • develop practical classroom experience including creating a safe, healthy, supportive, & inclusive learning environment.
  • develop classroom management strategies conducive to maintaining a positive learning environment.
  • acquire knowledge of teaching strategies to differentiate instruction for students with various needs.
  • understand the professional behaviors and disposition of a substitute teacher.

Using the tools of neuroscience, awareness, and emotional intelligence, this course provides evidence-based practices for beginning teachers growth and development. This course is a rich, intense and highly interactive experience. It makes deep and complex concepts highly practical and accessible. And the course emphasizes application to each participant’s real personal and professional challenges.

(Good for beginning students)

In this course, students will begin to explore the personal, institutional, political, and cultural forces that impact the lived experience of being a professional teacher. Possible key questions for reflection include: How does self-knowledge help teachers positively shape their professional lives? How does school culture shape the day-to-day life of teachers and how do you identify a school culture that is right for you? How does the current emphasis on standardized testing impact the life of a teacher and how can teachers positively respond to this? What does it mean to be a "role model" and what are the challenges and opportunities presented by this social role? What does community mean and how are teachers participants in and facilitators of positive community? Exploration of these questions will occur through student centered, hands-on, and interactive classroom activities

(Good for beginning students)

Designed to help students understand the job search process for K-12 entry level teaching positions, including the following phases: determining employment outlook for major; limiting geographical area for job search; developing materials for job search, including resume, cover letter, and portfolio; registering with Career Connections.

(Ideally taken when you're getting close to or concurrently with student teaching placement)