INsite is a consortium of school districts in partnership with and supported by the Indiana University School of Education. The consortium addresses a variety of data-related activities that school districts face, including

  • Data quality and validation processes;
  • Data visualization for use by administrators and teachers;
  • Support for state reporting requirements;
  • Negotiation with source system vendors; and
  • Research partnerships with Indiana University faculty.

These activities are made possible and affordable by utilizing the Ed-Fi data standard and other modern technologies; security and confidentiality regarding data hosting is made possible by utilizing the Indiana University Private Cloud.

We have created some resources that will help you understand how INsite works and what it can do for students in your district.

INsite Podcast

Today's educators work in data rich environments. They interact with multiple systems in any given day, and often have questions about how this data can be used or moved but lack the time to delve into the details. DatabasED distills the complexities of data processes and analysis into terms and concepts that educators are familiar with and can connect with their day to day practice (and will occasionally provide a venue for data nerds to nerd out over related topics).

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Ed-Fi is a data standard and accompanying suite of technologies supported by the nonprofit Ed-Fi Alliance and the larger community of individuals and organizations using and further developing that data standard. The data standard allows different data systems to be interoperable (meaning, ideally, that you do not need to go to five different databases to get all of the information you need about your district, school, or students).

How Ed-Fi and INsite Work

Simple visualization of how Ed-Fi and INsite works to facilitate interoperability (ODS = Operational Data Store)

Data Security

All district data is housed in the Indiana University private cloud (fully encrypted). Each district has a separate Operational Data Store, not housed in the same database as other districts. ADFS/SSO is used to simplify access to visualization tools for district/school staff.