Flexible Workspace

Flexible Workspace

To accommodate a maximum number of our temporary employees who work flexible hours, we have established two different types of flexible work areas on the 2nd floor. Reserve a space below.

Note: we cannot accommodate drop-in use of the rooms. An approved reservation is required, and rooms will remain locked until the time of your reservation.

Rules of Use

Once in the space, each employee is asked to follow these rules:

  • An approved reservation is required for use of these rooms. If one person with a reserved space wishes to meet with others who do not have reservation, we recommend the use of conference rooms located throughout the building.
  • Reservations can be made on an immediate basis (if available) or up to three months in advance.
  • Recurring reservations on particular days of the week are also possible pending on availability. If a recurring reservation has been approved, we ask that the employee consistently use the space to ensure that we do not have reserved spaces that are not in use. Cancellation of a reserved space can be done by contacting randd@iu.edu or bdiverse@iu.edu. If a reserved space is open for long periods of time, that reservation will be cancelled.
  • People using these shared spaces need to remove all materials when leaving the space because a desk may be assigned to many different employees throughout the week/day.
  • These hoteling spaces are used by many different people and must remain unlocked for large portions of the day. For this reason, no valuables are to be left unattended in these shared spaces.
  • No one person may overuse these temporary spaces. The spaces are designed to be used in combination with other spaces (e.g., home, research site).
  • We ask that employees using this space be respectful of others in the space by keeping noise to a minimum. Although no one can expect absolute silence in such a situation, they may expect that the noise is kept to a minimal level.
  • People using these reserved spaces should be able to expect some level of privacy in their professional duties. However, people should also understand that these spaces are open and privacy is not guaranteed. Other arrangements should be made if privacy is critical.