AI Orientation Schedule

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
Continuity, Policy, Resources (essential topics; 90 min.)

  1. Welcome and Overview (15 min.)
    Auditorium, room 1120
    Dr. Stacy Morrone, Dean, School of Education (SoE)
    Introduction to the education environment and scholarly engagement in all of our programs.
  2. Transitioning to AI role/ SoE Concept Map (25 min.)
    Auditorium, room 1120
    Dr. Paige Andersson, Exec. Dir. and Dr. Jeff Anderson, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Teacher Education (UTE)
    Instructors will gain a comprehensive understanding of student services, our curriculum, and the teacher education pathway
    1. Suite 1000 Offices
      1. Caring for our Students
    2. The Curriculum: A Holistic View
      1. Coursework, Pathway to Success, and Blocks
      2. EdTPA
    3. Policies and Resources
      1. Alerts and Professional Dispositions
      2. Technology and Additional Resources
  3. Canvas Essentials (25 min.)
    Auditorium, room 1120
    Taylor Underwood and Kraig Kitts
    Instructors will learn expectations and common practices for Canvas as well as how to make Canvas work for them.
    1. Canvas Expectations and Common Practices
    2. Establishing social presence
    3. Creating a “Meet your instructor” page, turn on/off Notifications
    4. Using announcements to reach out to students, posting Grades
    5. Monitoring student engagement
  4. One.IU & Campus Resources (25 min.)
    Auditorium, room 1120
    Leonardo Alba Lopez and Taieb Cherif
    This is a quick overview of campus resources and support that can benefit both new and returning associate instructors.
    1. Instructional Consulting (IC) – Quick Tips Video Channel
    2. Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) – CITL Blog, CITL Events (Recommended: Associate Instructor Classroom Climate Workshop)
    3. Education Technology Services (ETS) – Support Request Form, Technology Purchase Request Form
    4. IU Libraries: Teaching & Learning Department – Library YouTube Playlist, Information Literacy Online Toolkit, Course Guides, Course Materials & Support for Teaching
    5. Academic Media Production Spaces – Faculty Media Production Space Pre-Production Checklist, Change the Size of Your Slides
    6. Make, Innovate, Learn Lab (MILL) Makerspace – MILL Calendar
    7. Career Development Center – Drop-in Coaching, Schedule an Appointment
    8. Resource One-pager

10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Breakout sessions (small group; choose three;  5-10 min. breaks)

  1. Power, Pedagogy, & Classroom Management (45 min.)
    Room 1220 (42 max)
    Claire Williams, Kraig Kitts
    Instructors will apply student engagement strategies through the lens of social presence to promote productive classroom discussions.
    1. Identify power relationships to express care and challenge growth for student learning.
    2. Discuss instructor values to plan authentic student discussions.
    3. Model and apply specific intentions to foster student thoughts or actions.
  2. Course design and materials for your syllabus (45 min.)
    Room 1255 (30 max)
    Taylor Underwood
    Instructors will become familiar with the building blocks of a syllabus and learn tips and tricks for creating engaging PowerPoints.
    1. Syllabus requirements (course objectives, attendance, grading, etc.)
    2. Building course content into your syllabus
    3. Make engaging PowerPoint slides
  3. Leveraging Library Resources for Student Success (45 min.)
    Auditorium, room 1120
    Dr. Christina Jones, Education Librarian
    Instructors will discover new library spaces and recently curated online resources to support teaching and scholarship at the School of Education (SoE) Library. In addition, instructors will engage with newly curated library resources found on the Education Research Guide and Recommended Reads discovery tools.
    1. New spaces: WORKshop (simulated classroom), Book Discussion area, and group study rooms
    2. Curated online library resources to support teaching and coursework.
    3. Ongoing reference support during the semester from the SoE Library and IU Libraries
  4. Fundamentals of Canvas for new AIs (45 min.)
    Room 2015 (36 max)
    Taieb Cherif
    This session will present an overview of basic Canvas features. You will understand and practice how to customize settings, simplify navigation, organize course content, and create assignments?
    1. Course Settings and Navigation
    2. Course organization
    3. Assignments and grading
  5. Advanced tools for Canvas for returning AIs (45 min.)
    Room 1250 (32 max)
    Leonardo Alba Lopez, Hye Jeong Lee
    Instructors will explore practices to design online courses based on student-centered assessment principles and diverse technology tools.
    1. Assignments (innovation, multimodal)
    2. PlayPosit (knowledge checks for videos) 
    3. Assessments and Assignments for Online Courses
  6. Crafting Assignments with Generative AI (45 min.)
    Room 1225 (50 max)
    Dr. John Paul Kanwit, Campus Writing Program Director, CITL
    Participants will explore ideas to update course activities with generative artificial intelligence.
    1. Utilize ChatGPT and other AI tools explicitly
    2. Adapt and create assignments that mitigate student reliance on AI
    3. Discuss the potential for AI to contribute positively to your discipline
  7. Balancing Graduate and Associate Instructor Life (45 min.)
    Room 1230 (42 max)
    Karen Smith & Dr. Paige Andersson
    Participants will learn about the role of an Associate Instructor (AI) through conversations, considerations, and connections. This breakout session will help you prepare an instructional community to support your academic growth and success.
    1. Lifestyle of an associate instructor 
    2. SMART Grading
    3. Setting boundaries
    4. Mentoring and support

1:00 – 1:50 p.m.
Lunch (50 min.)
Atrium, Second Floor

2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Finding Your Way (90 min.)

  1. Veteran AI Panel (Q&A; 40 min.)
    Balancing teaching and research; support and resources 
    1. Claire Williams
    2. AI presenter TBD
    3. AI presenter TBD
  2. Faculty panel (Q&A, 40 min.)
    Graduate life and expectations
    1. Dr. Carl Darnell, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    2. Dr. Kathryn Engebretson, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
    3. Dr. Gus Weltsek, Associate Professor, Arts Education program

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Reception (social gathering, 1 hour)
Atrium, Second Floor