Armstrong Teacher Educator Award

Responsibilities of Armstrong Teacher Educators

Armstrong Teacher Educators take an active role in shaping the next generation of teachers. For all recipients, that means traveling to Bloomington to participate in panel discussions of current issues in education, as well as inviting IU students to their own classrooms to observe and learn. Some Armstrong winners also become Teachers-in-Residence and make regular trips to campus throughout the year to visit classes and collaborate with IU faculty on their curriculum, as well as conduct workshops on career development or related professional issues.

The Benefits of Becoming an Armstrong Teacher Educator

Armstrong Teacher Educators receive reimbursement for travel and lodging expenses when visiting the Bloomington campus, funding to pay for a substitute teacher while they’re away from the classroom, and a $500 honorarium for their participation in fall semester discussion panels at IU.

To recognize and support their intensive involvement throughout the school year, Armstrong Teachers-in-Residence receive additional funding and support.

How to Nominate a Teacher

Armstrong Teacher Educators must be nominated by their district superintendent in consultation with their building principal. When they have identified teachers to nominate, superintendents write each a brief nomination statement which the teachers will include in their application packets. Nomination packets are sent to every Indiana school and school district in November of each year. We especially encourage nominations of persons of color, applicants with disabilities, and members of other under-represented groups. Click below for more details on the application process and program expectations.

Application requirements

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