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Educational Leadership

M.S.Ed. in Educational Leadership (online)

Earn your master's degree and prepare for licensing as a building-level administrator from anywhere you live and work. This program also offers you the option to become a teacher leadership specialist.

This program is designed for students who are interested in school leadership. While the vast majority of our students have been teachers, we will consider applicants without teaching experience who make a strong case in their personal statements about why they are interested in educational leadership. Applicants should be sure to discuss prior work experiences related to education and future career goals within the statement. Also, be sure to explain why you are attracted to this particular program.

Please note: An Indiana principal's license is embedded in our master's coursework. In order to qualify for the principal's license, a student must have taught as a licensed teacher or been a licensed counselor for two years. Students with no teaching experience are still welcome to apply to this program but will not be eligible for principal licensure.

Notes: A695 is taken over two consecutive semesters for a total of three credit hours. A560 will not be available online until 2018.

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