• The IU School of Education 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients, (L-R), Jann Keenan, Stanley Warren, Shaun Harper, and Dick Bishop.

    Four are tops

    New group of Distinguished Alumni Award recipients honored

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  • Dean Gonzalez retiring

    Will conclude 15 years as dean

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  • Julian Bond makes remarks during the launch ceremony for the Inspire, LLC.

    Launch with a legend

    Julian Bond helps launch of INSPIRE, LLC

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  • Kuh receives President's Medal

    Highest IU honor for HESA professor

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  • Arts grads adapt, engage

    Latest SNAAP survey finds grads using skills, studies in different ways

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Student Spotlight


Recent alum earns prestigious research award

“Reflecting on my experiences in the HESA program, I attribute my success to positive mentors, support networks within and outside of the HESA program, being a good colleague, and remaining humble. One major takeaway is that I am deeply committed to making sure I pay it forward. Choosing the HESA program at Indiana University was the right decision.”