• The 14 South Sudan scholars with LeAnna Marr, Education Team Leader, USAID/South Sudan (photo courtesy USAID).

    Seeking an education, change

    South Sudan scholars come here after war forces new plans

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  • Dual credit check

    CEEP gathering data to analyze dual credit/enrollment in Kentucky

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  • Some college, no degree

    Latest Project on Academic Success, National Student Clearinghouse report

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  • Guidance for standards

    Faculty member heads science education organization highlighting new standards

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  • Worldwide teaching conference

    Global Gateways hosts participants from across the globe

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Student Spotlight


Recent alum earns prestigious research award

“Reflecting on my experiences in the HESA program, I attribute my success to positive mentors, support networks within and outside of the HESA program, being a good colleague, and remaining humble. One major takeaway is that I am deeply committed to making sure I pay it forward. Choosing the HESA program at Indiana University was the right decision.”