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  • Graduate Studies Office (GSO)

    Does the GSO admission office make the decision about my application?
    No, the GSO admissions office will complete applications for department reviews and finalize the admission paperwork. All admission decisions are made by the department

    What is the recorder office at GSO?
    The recorders will approve your Program of Studies and other milestone and degree paperwork once it’s officially submitted by your department.

    Can the recorders look at my paperwork before it is approved by the department?
    No, the recorders can only review paperwork after it has been approved by and submitted by your department. Paperwork that has not been approved or has been submitted directly by the student cannot be reviewed by the GSO Recorders.

    Can the recorders advise me on what courses to take?
    No, all advisement must be handled by your faculty advisor through your department. GSO is not able to advise students.

    If my paperwork is not approved at GSO can you advise me then?
    If paperwork is returned to you we try to offer guidance on how it did not meet the Bulletin requirements. However if you are still not clear on what you need to do and need additional help we recommend your advisor also participate in any meeting.

  • Admissions

    What is required at the admissions deadline?
    We require that you submit your application and all materials by the deadline. This includes transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and any other required materials.

    What if I don’t have all my materials in by the deadline?
    If all materials are not received by the deadline we cannot guarantee that you will be reviewed for admission.

    Can I move my application to another term?
    No, you must create a new application if you are switching to a different admission term. You can copy an existing application to update and indicate you have already paid the application fee.

    Can I defer my admissions?
    Yes, with your department’s permission you can defer an admission up to two years if you have been admitted. You should notify both your department and the GSO admissions office ( of any deferral.

    What is considered an official transcript?
    Transcripts may be sent by either the institution or you. Transcripts though must arrive in a sealed, official envelope. Loose or opened transcripts will not be accepted.

    Where should I send a transcript?
    If you are a domestic student and you are sending a paper copy please address it to:
    Indiana University
    School of Education
    Office of Graduate Studies
    W.W. Wright Education Building Room 2116
    201 North Rose Ave.
    Bloomington, IN 47405-1006

    Can I send an electronic transcript?
    Electronic transcripts are acceptable if the transcript is official and comes directly from the University or appropriate transcript service. Please have the transcript sent directly to the Indiana University, School of Education, Graduate Studies Admission Office at

  • E-Docs for Ph.D. Students

    What as in E-Doc?
    An E-Doc is an electronic milestone document that is located in One.

    Who should submit an E-Doc?
    E-Docs are for Ph.D. students only. These forms are not intended for Certificate, Masters, Specialist, or Ed.D. students.

    What are there E-Docs for?
    Currently there are E-Docs for Nomination to Candidacy, Nomination of Research Committee, Change of Research Committee, Commencement Participation, and Defense Announcement.

    How can I track my E-Doc?
    Record your Document ID number located on the top of the form. You can then check the log of the E-Doc via the Document Search in One. Clicking on the log of the E-Doc will show you who has approved the E-Doc and where it is pending approval.

    Will there be more E-Docs in the future?
    Yes. E-Docs are created and managed by the University Graduate School who is working to change all paper forms into E-Docs. In the future E-Docs should be available for Waivers, Substitutions, and Revalidations.

    Does the University Graduate School still accept paper Nomination of Candidacy and Nomination of Research Committee forms for Ph.D. students?
    No. E-Docs have replaced these paper forms so only those will be accepted now.

  • Graduation

    How do I apply for graduation if I am not a PhD student?
    On the current webpage under "Degree Specific Information and Forms," select your degree type and you will find instructions.

    How does a Ph.D. student graduate?
    Graduation for Ph.D. students is triggered by submission of the final dissertation and signed Abstract and Acceptance pages to the University Graduate School. Ph.D. students can submit a Commencement Participation E-Doc to participate in May or December commencement ceremonies.

    What is the deadline to have your name in the commencement program?
    These deadlines change from year to year but you usually need to apply by late February for May and early October for December. These deadlines will be posted when they are known.

    Where can I find more commencement information?
    Visit the commencement website for more information. In addition to the IU Commencement, the IU School of Education hosts its own Convocation Ceremony twice a year.

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