Higher Education and Student Affairs

Preparing the next generation of leaders in higher education.

The Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program has a distinguished history of preparing future administrators to lead effectively and continues to be nationally recognized as a leader in the development of higher education scholar-practitioners.

Our graduates serve as administrative leaders in postsecondary institutions throughout the country, researchers, as well as faculty members that continue to cultivate new insights and understandings in the field.

Our faculty possess a unique blend of strong scholarly records and extensive experience in senior administrative roles and bring a rich understanding of leading research in their areas of expertise along with the ability to translate their ideas into the practical world of public and institutional policymaking.

HESA Faculty are also heavily involved in funded research projects that touch on many of the pressing issues facing postsecondary education. These projects provide many opportunities for students to work directly with faculty and peers on intellectually stimulating activities. 


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