Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

The Elizabeth A. Greenleaf Fellowship is to be awarded to a currently enrolled first year female master’s student studying Higher Education and Student Affairs.

This award was established to acknowledge Dr. Greenleaf’s work with women graduate students who have excelled in the classroom, demonstrated practical competence, and have made outstanding contributions to the quality of the learning experience in the HESA program.

First year female graduate students are nominated by the HESA faculty.

2019Autumn Kearney2001Christine Jones
Sacha Thieme
2018Vandana Pawa2000Annalei L. Burkhalter
2017Leslie Boey1999Jennifer Herzog
2016Michelle Leao1998Tania Mitchell
Sarah Thompson
2015Gloria Diaz1997
2014Jasmine Scott1996Carol McBryde
2013Isabella Villacampa1995Deanna Armstrong
2012Frances Adjorlolo1994Mary Spellman
2011Hali Buck
Charity Seaborn
1993Kathleen M. Cappelletti
Margaret P. Jennings
2010Jessica Fougere1992Patricia Wolfe
2009Sarah Fernandez1991Amy Blackburn
2008Nadrea Reeves1990Tracy Tyree
2007Lauren Morrill
Alana Hamlett
1989Tracy Scott
2006Lily Massa
Debbie Deas
1988Melissa Strauch
2005Katie Dickman
Bridget Chase
Asha Williams
Elizabeth Doggett
1987Sarah Westfall
2004Lucy Lepeau
Kyle McCool
Brooke Worland
1986Dawn Williams
2003Camille Jones
Jennifer Sokas
1985Mary Lutz
2002Denise Easley
Jennifer Komrosky
Lisa Lewandowski
Sonia Rosado
Cherie Wardell
1984Laura Sarvay

The Elizabeth A. Greenleaf Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually to the graduate of the master’s degree program in Higher Education and Student Affairs who exemplifies “the sincere commitment, professional leadership and personal warmth” of Betty Greenleaf, for whom the award is named.

2018Kimberly Sluis1999John R. Saddlemire
2017Kimberly L. King-Jupiter1998Kathryn Goddard
Helen Mamarchev
2016Vennie Gore1997Jamie Washington
2015Helen Grace Ryan1996Gregory S. Blimling
L. Miltenberger
2014Susan Hopp1995Marylu K. McEwen
2013Loren Rullman1994Terry Williams
2012Kristin Skarie1993William A. Bryan
2011Michael G. Moore1992Vernon A. Wall
2010Kathleen Kerr1991Deborah E. Hunter
2009JoNes R. VanHecke1990Frank P Ardaiolo
2008Shane Windmeyer1989Thomas E. Miller
2007Barbara Jones1988Carol Cummins-Collier
2006Rodney Kirsch
Myrna Hernandez
1987Joanne J. Trow
2005Gary Schwarzmueller
Tracy Tyree
1986Paula M. Rooney
2004Timothy Schroer1985James W. Lyons
2003Barbara Varchol1984Phyllis Mable
2002Gregory Roberts1983Louis Stamatakos
2001Myra Morgan1982Keith M. Miser
2000Robert Thomas1981Vicki Mech-Fields

The Kate Hevner Mueller Award is presented annually to the individual whose mentoring of students working in assistantships, internships, and practica emulates the exemplary contributions to the development of young professionals made by the distinguished administrator, scholar, and teach for whom the award is named.

20182005Doug Bauder
2017Lloyd Graham2004Michael Moore
2016Dennis Rudnick
Kara Garduno
2003Sue Sgambellui
2015Robert W. Aaron2002Steve Akers
2014Bruce Jacobs
Sara Nagy
2001Gerald Olson
2013Robert Weith2000Ada Simmons
2012Sarah Nagy1999Maggie Blach
2011Kelly Kish1998Timothy Stockton
2010Laura Eads1997Bruce Jacobs
Elizabeth Kvrpius
2009Megan Ray1996Robert Weith
2008Jeremy Podany1995
2007Cedric Harris1994William Shipton
2006Pam Freeman1993Richard McKaig

The Robert H. Shaffer Award is presented to the graduate of the Indiana University Higher Education doctoral program who exemplifies outstanding service to the students affairs profession.

2018Sarah B. Westfall2001Jill Ellen Carnaghi
Richard McKaig
2017Robert Schwartz2000Patricia Volp
2016Frank E. Ross III1999Elizabeth Whitt
2015Brett Perozzi1998Gary McGrath
2014Levester Johnson1997Donald Mikesell
2013Larry Tyree1996Caryl Smith
2012Jillian Kinzie1995Rodger Summers
2011Kathleen Manning1994Alice R. Manicur
2010Harold "Pete" Goldsmith1993Neil Bailey
2009Gene Tempel
Kathy MacKay
1992Don Creamer
2008Teresa Hall1991Robert Ackerman
2007Charlie Nelms
Peter Magolda
1990Jimmy Ross
2006Michael Coomes1989Thomas Hennessy
2005William Geller
Sharon Policello
1988L. MacLean
2004Florence Hamrick1987David Ambler
2003Dana Burnett1986John Welty
2002Vic Boschini