Counseling and Student Services


B.S.Ed. in Counseling and Student Services

This non-teaching major features an interdisciplinary study within the fields of education, counseling psychology and student affairs. Courses emphasize knowledge and skills in learning, development and interpersonal communications and will prepare you for careers and professions in the mental health or higher education and student affairs field.

Students will develop a strong theoretical and research-based understanding of learning and human development and be able to apply this knowledge to their future work in a variety of professions. They will learn how to facilitate effective interpersonal communication, utilize advanced listening skills to empathetically understand the perspective of others and access resources to help people actualize their potential and improve performance to effect positive personal, organizational and societal change. Through a Capstone Experiential Practicum embedded into one of the Core Courses (i.e., Professional Skills and Career Planning), students will also have the opportunity to apply these skills in their area of desired professional engagement.

Service learning is prominently featured within this major and provides experiences that can prepare you for your career. The opportunities will combine academic theory with practical real-life experience. You’ll engage with a broader and deeper understanding of the course content, fostering civic engagement and sharpening your insights both within yourselves and your place in the community.

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