General Education

CUBE (Center for Understanding and Building Environment)

A site for educational "architivities," workshops, and publications.  Here teachers can find a number of free lesson plans in Fine Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science/Technology and Social Studies. 
Maintained by the American Planning Association (APA), this site encourages kids to explore how people create communities, how they live in them, and how they change them. Features information about city planning and careers in city planning and activities. 

Kids Next Door

Maintained by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), this site features activities that encourage kids to learn more about the people, places, and things in their communities.

Primary Source: Promoting Inclusive, Accurate Social Studies Education 

This non-profit center for interdisciplinary social studies education aims to promote social studies education that is "historically accurate, culturally inclusive and explicitly concerned with racism and other forms of discrimination." The site features information about professional development opportunities in China, ancient civilizations, Mayan culture, African-American history, and 19th century Western U.S. history; a resource library, bibliographies, and a database of teacher-written curricula; and sample lesson and chapters from Primary Source-published curricula. 

Social Studies School Service

Social Studies School Service has seeks out high quality supplementary learning materials, including books, CD-ROMs, videos, laserdiscs, software, charts, and posters, from over a thousand publishers and makes them available for purchase through over 30 annual catalogs, each focusing on a different grade level or subject area. On the Service's Web site, the catalogs are searchable by keyword, subject, grade level, and medium. 

Teacher's Guide for the Professional Cartoonists' Index  

Students stay attuned to the political and social events of their time by the creative commentary used by cartoonists from across the nation.