Second Service for Veterans Program

Continue your commitment to public service - as an educator. You know what it means to put your abilities to the test and discover talents that you did not realize you had. Skilled educators assist learners of all ages expand their knowledge and achieve their potential. Indiana University School of Education is proud to support veterans pursue new careers in the field of education. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs are based in strong research and offer the impeccable quality you expect from Indiana University. 

Through the Second Service for Veterans program, you can receive: 

  • In-state tuition for Indiana resident veteran students and qualified out-of-state veteran students 
  • Academic and career counseling specifically designed for veteran students 
  • Coordination with the Combat to College program
  • Educational credit for courses completed and expertise earned through your military service

Contact the dedicated staff in the Veterans Support Services office. They are ready to help you make the transition to college and use your Veteran Education Benefits. 

Community of Teachers

The leadership and communication skills you developed throughout your service will enhance your effectiveness as an educator. The Community of Teachers offers a highly individualized approach to prepare you to be a secondary teacher. You will join a cohort of 15 - 18 students from a variety of backgrounds and content fields. Your cohort will collaborate closely with a faculty coordinator as you examine issues in secondary education, study educational methods, and develop a portfolio of teaching competencies. The program culminates in a semester-long student teaching experience in a middle school or high school classroom. Upon completion of the program, you will earn a B.S. in Secondary Education and be eligible for an Indiana teaching license that covers both junior high/middle school and high school in your chosen content field. Community of Teachers is extremely successful in fostering long-term relationships between cohort members, mentor teachers, and faculty members. Learn more about the Community of Teachers program and the admissions process.

Graduate Programs

If you have already earned a bachelor's degree and are interested in a graduate degree, we have you covered. These programs can help take your career in exciting new directions.

Master's in Adult Education 

Even as adults, we must learn and adapt. Technological advancements and rapidly changing work environments present challenges which require new skills. Educators who are committed to helping adult learners overcome challenges and achieve their goals are in high demand. Qualified adult education professionals are needed in academic, community, governmental, and corporate organizations. The master's in Adult Education program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals and is offered online. Learn more about the M.S. Ed. in Adult Education program. 

Master's in Educational Leadership 

Effective leadership is crucial to creating and maintaining positive learning environments. Educators and administrators in schools across the nation face challenging situations on a daily basis. You will receive a strong foundation in educational leadership, data-informed decisionmaking, evaluation models, school-community relations, and curriculum instruction. You will also choose a content strand based to complement your interests and experience. You can earn your master's degree and prepare for licensure as a building-level administrator. Learn more about the M.S. Ed. in Educational Leadership program, and choose the delivery format that works best for you. The program is offered in both online and hybrid formats. 

Master's in Instructional Systems Technology

To help learners acquire knowledge and skills, instructional materials and tools must reflect the way people acquire, process, and share information. The master's in Instructional Systems Technology was designed from research that crosses disciplines and incorporates theories of instructional design, use of emerging technologies to support learning and performance improvement. You will develop understanding and skills to solve instructional and performance issues through analysis, design, development, evaluation, implementation, and management of learning environments and strategies. Alumni from the program have found rewarding careers in a number of industries including, governmental, corporate, educational, and military organizations. Learn more about the M.S. Ed. in Instructional Systems Technology program, and choose the delivery format that suits your needs. The program is offered residentially as well as online. 

Master's in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education 

As part of your military service, you have traveled abroad, experienced different cultures, and learned new languages. In the process, you shared your language and culture with others. Are you interested in a career that allows you to help others learn a second or foreign language? The M.S. in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education can prepare you to do just that. You'll gain an understandingo f language and literacy processes through the lens of cultural context. You will gain practical experience teaching children, high school and college students, as well as adults. Prepare for a career as a teacher, language or reading specialist, instructional leader in language education, or as a writer and editor of instructional materials. Learn more about the M.S. in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education program, and select the delivery format that best suits your life. The program is offered residentially as well as online.