Eighteen School of Education faculty members ranked among most influential scientists

An impressive number of School of Education Bloomington faculty members have been ranked among the most influential scientists in their fields in an annual list from Stanford University. 

The 2023 global career impact list showcases the world’s top two percent of scientists in various disciplines. Faculty are included based on the number of times their work has been cited, either in the past year or over the course of their career. To create the list, Stanford researchers analyzed citation data in multiple ways, considering co-authorship, author order, and number of distinct citing articles. 

Faculty on the list span the School of Education’s four departments and over a dozen program areas. The list includes 13 current faculty and five emeritus faculty:

This list highlights faculty whose work has made a large impact on other scholars’ research, as indicated by citations. However, the list represents just some of the amazing faculty members at the School of Education, all of whom do vital research that changes the world of education for the better.