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I earned a Ph.D. in Psychology with a Clinical emphasis and a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies from the University of Kansas. I completed a clinical-research postdoctoral fellowship at IU’s Kinsey Institute before taking a tenure-track position at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. I came back to IU in 2018 as an Associate Professor in the Counseling Psychology Program and Director of the Sexual Assault Research Initiative at the Kinsey Institute.

My research interests are in the areas of gender and human sexuality, with a particular focus on investigating experiences of unwanted, coerced, and nonconsensual sex from the perspectives of both victims and perpetrators.

I was the editor of the Wiley Handbook of Sex Therapy, and I served as Associate Editor of the Journal of Sex Research from 2013-2019. I was elected President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality for 2019-2021.

I am a Licensed Psychologist with an emphasis in sex therapy and feminist, constructivist, and solution-focused approaches to therapy.

I am currently accepting doctoral students in Counseling Psychology. I am looking for students with a passion for research whose interests align well with mine. Doctoral students working under my mentorship have recently conducted research related to the following:

  • men's and women’s perpetration of sexual aggression;
  • men's and women’s experiences as victims of child sexual abuse and adult sexual assault; and
  • the role of traditional gendered sexual scripts on men’s and women’s sexual behavior.

Students working with me are encouraged to consider pursuing a PhD Minor in Human Sexuality from the Kinsey Institute. I welcome and value diversity of all kinds among my students.

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