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Having been trained in cultural studies in education and qualitative research methodologies/methods, I take an interdisciplinary approach to much of my work, including both methodological and substantive foci in my research program. My research comprises three intersecting strands. The first strand of my research program focuses on the study and development of qualitative research methodologies and methods at a theoretical, conceptual, and technical level. My work in this area is wide ranging and it has addressed a variety of issues common to qualitative research, including consideration of the theoretical and practical challenges to engaging in qualitative research, the affordances and limitations of using digital tools for qualitative inquiry, and the importance of centering disability and critical disability studies in critical qualitative research.

The second strand of my research program is focused on the study of everyday and institutional social interactions in both education and mental health contexts. Underlying this work is a focus on the performative nature of language and the ways in which historically psychologized constructs can be studied, reframed, and understood as part of discourse. Within this line of inquiry, I use discourse analysis from a discursive psychology perspective, as well as conversation analysis.

The third strand of my research program is focused on critically examining the educational practices that serve to increase (or decrease) the participation and learning of students. Within this line of inquiry, I draw upon postcritical ethnography to study the social contexts in which children and adults learn, the resources needed to eradicate inequities, and the ways children and teachers make meaning from their everyday school experiences.

I am currently accepting Master's and PhD level students with an interest in qualitative research methodology and methods, particularly those with interests related to 1) discursive psychology, 2) conversation analysis, and/or 3) critical disability studies and qualitative research practice.

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