Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology

Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology

Explore the basic theoretical, methodological, ethical, and practical principles involved in conducting social science research in education.

The domain of education is comprised of increasingly complex sets of social activities, coordinated both locally and globally. Understanding educational phenomena demands a commitment to inquiry. You will be able to contribute to the advancement of methodological theory and practice so that research endeavors in education might profit.

Associate Professor Jessica Nina Lester has been recognized by the American Psychological Association, Division 5, with the 2018 Distinguished Early Career Contributions in Qualitative Inquiry Award.

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Our program is unique in that it enables students to focus on quantitative research, qualitative research, or an integrated program of study. Our flexible curriculum enables you to delve deeply into your chosen area of interest, from statistical modeling to ethnography, from discourse and narrative analysis to psychometrics and assessment. Yet our program is rigorous enough to ensure that all graduates are able to meaningfully contribute to the study of social and behavioral research. It is a unique opportunity to focus on methodology through theory and practice that cuts across a divide in qualitative and quantitative methods. We are dedicated to advancing the understanding of social inquiry, especially with respect to the field of education, and we imagine these possibilities to be necessarily inclusive of methods typically disenfranchised from one another.

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