Rosh Dhanawade

Data Architect

(812) 856-8421

About Me

With a background in anthropology, educational psychology, and computer science, Rosh Dhanawade provides technical leadership and stakeholder coordination for the INsite Consortium. He has been the primary architect of INsite’s data solutions since its official kickoff in 2018 with a vision of efficient data architecture and visualization/data reporting options. Currently, his primary work is finding efficient solutions for educator data needs by coordinating with partner school districts and their source system vendors to create accessible and timely data systems for various stakeholders, all while taking into account applicable federal, state, school district, and university policies and privacy laws. This work requires attention and expertise in both education technologies as well as a nuanced understanding of how people in various education contexts interact with those technologies. He also contributes to the larger direction of the Ed-Fi community and its technologies by serving on the Ed-Fi Technical Advisory Group and Governance Advisory Team, both of which allow users of Ed-Fi technologies to provide user-informed feedback and input on the efficiencies and effectiveness of the current technical solutions and potential developments to existing technologies.

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