Korean Math and Science Teacher Training Program

From 2005-2010, CSSIE collaborated with the Korean National Institute for International Education and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to offer month long professional development training programs for Korean elementary and secondary science and mathematics teachers. These programs involved working with small groups of teachers (18-22) for one month and training taking place at Indiana University. The programs featured curricula designed specifically for the training programs and simultaneous oral translations of program presentations.

The primary goal of the science and mathematics training programs was to prepare groups of Korean secondary science or mathematics teachers to become familiar with and be able to implement learner-centered teaching methods using problem solving approaches in their classrooms. To this end, the curricula developed for the training by School of Education faculty emphasized best practices in secondary science and mathematics teaching focusing on investigative learning, conceptual understanding, inquiry, and the nature of science and mathematics. Appropriate content and teaching methods for secondary level students are drawn from research on how students learn, the latest national recommendations for learning science and mathematics, sound approaches to the integration of science and mathematics and other content areas, as well as teaching approaches that promote conceptual understanding. Participants also gained knowledge of the U.S. education system, concepts and practices in curriculum and instruction, and the use of modern instructional technology for science and mathematics learning in the classroom.