This multi-media site is designed to provide an interactive supplement to a course on the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics.
Sample economics lessons, instructions on constructing lessons using the Internet, teaching guides, "EconomicsMinute," which helps students explore the economics behind the news of the week, and much more.
Provides teachers with free lesson plans for all grade levels from Kindergarten through high school.
Provides a resource for teachers to advance their understanding, implementation and communication with other teachers in the field of economics and personal finance.
This site, designed for middle school and high school students, their teachers and parents, features lesson plans, quizzes and games, a dictionary, and other information on finance, economics, spending, and related topics. Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation and The National Council on Economic Education collaborated to develop this resource.
This is a simulation of the popular Securities Industry Association's Stock Market Game. SMG2000 is a new version of The Stock Market Game. Students are given a hypothetical account of $100,000 and enter their transactions using the Internet. Students can access their portfolios the following business day.
Information about Social Security geared for young people. Includes sections especially for kids, teens, parents, and teachers.