Ph.D in Special Education

The Special Education team. Back row: Assistant Professor Kelly Williams, Associate Professor Theresa Ochoa, Administrative Assistant Aimee Polk, Associate Professor Hannah Schertz, Associate Professor Ana Maria Brannan, Professor Gretchen Butera, Professor Jeff Anderson. Front row: Associate Professor Derek Nord, Clinical Assistant Professor Tina O'Neal, Assistant Professor Sarah Hurwitz

As a doctoral student, you’ll teach in undergraduate classes and supervise field placements and student teaching. Students also have many opportunities to engage in university and professional service while working with faculty mentors.

You will develop a unique professional identity through the program, leading to a range of career choices. Our graduates go on to teach at universities or continue to post-docs, research institutes, community agencies, and government entities.

Program minors have also allowed our graduates to study in numerous other disciplines offered at Indiana University, such as public health, statistics psychology, inquiry and technology.

The program is closely associated with the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, allowing students to benefit from its many projects and resources.

Financial Support

While not all of our students enter the Ph.D. program with funding, by the end of the first year, every student looking for funding to support program costs has found it. This has included both teaching and research assistantships, as well as working in research and development centers.

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