About Me

My research centers around interventions for children with disabilities. I examine how effectively schools are supporting the behavioral and academic needs of students with disabilities. I have a particular interest in Autism, including: finding solutions for interfering behavior, developing social interaction skills, and improving conversational language.

At IU, I direct the AAC In Action community organization and chair The Autism Research Collaborative, a group of researchers and practitioners across departments at IU and beyond.

Before getting my PhD, I spent many years working in the field with students with special needs as a special education teacher, an interventionist, and the inclusion specialist for children with autism at FPG Child Development Institute in Chapel Hill, NC. After graduate school at UNC and a postdoctoral fellowship in psychology, I conducted social skills research at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. Now settled here at IU-Bloomington, I teach classes about conducting Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and how teachers can develop behavioral interventions that really work.