Preparing Educators of Students with Autism (PESA) Certificate

Special Education

Certificate in Preparing Educators of Students with Autism (Online)

The Preparing Educators of Students with Autism (PESA) program includes four upper-graduate-level courses. The program is designed for professionals and others interested in understanding and supporting individuals on the autism spectrum.

The PESA certificate prepares students for diverse careers and endeavors, such as: 

  • Autism specialist or consultant
  • Special education teacher
  • School psychologist
  • Speech/language therapist
  • Professional serving families of infants and toddlers
  • Parent of a child on the autism spectrum
  • Higher education faculty
PESA's online format gives me a chance to reflect on what I‘m going say and refine my ideas before posting them. From the beginning through the end, course expectations were clear and I could always go back and look at my instructor’s directions.

Courses may be combined for the certificate or a program minor or taken singly, such as for a course elective. Practitioners, family members, and those with related interests are encouraged to apply for the certificate or to enroll in individual courses.

As a specialty certificate, PESA does not grant a teaching license or degree.

Images in banner are from the Third National Painting Exhibition of Children with Autism 2010 sponsored by the Beijing Rehabilitation Association of Autistic Children

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