About Me

Background and Interests
My primary interests, which emerge from my experience with practitioners and families in the field, converge around early childhood special education and autism. My research projects have focused primarily on the parent-child relationship as a medium for promoting developmentally situated social communication competency at the preverbal level for toddlers with autism.

Major research projects

  • Schertz, H. H., PI; Odom, S., Co-PI; & K. M. Baggett, Co-PI (2012-2017). Joint Attention Mediated Learning intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorders and their families: A 3-site early intervention research project, #R324A120291. U.S. Department of Education, Institute for Education Sciences. $3,499,710 awarded. More information: http://newsinfo.iu.edu/news/page/normal/22836.html.
  • Schertz, H. H., Principal Investigator (2018-2021). Supporting early interventionists of toddlers with autism to build family capacity. # R324A180083. U.S. Department of Education, Institute for Education Sciences. $1,399,772 awarded. 

Teaching and Program Coordination
I coordinate a fully online upper graduate level graduate certificate, Preparing Educators of Students with Autism (PESA).

Selected Publications

  • Schertz, H. H., Odom, S. L., Baggett, K. M., & Sideris, J. H. (2018). Mediating parent learning to promote social communication for toddlers with autism: Effects from a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 48(3), 853-867. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10803-017-3386-8 
  • Schertz, H. H., Call-Cummings, M., Horn, K., Quest, K., & Law, R. S. (2018). Social and instrumental interaction between parents and their toddlers with autism: A qualitative analysis. Journal of Early Intervention, 40(1), 20-38. doi.org/10.1177/1053815117737353
  • Schertz, H.H. & Horn, K. (2018, in press). Facilitating toddlers’ social communication from within the parent-child relationship: Application of family-centered early intervention and mediated learning principles. In: M. Siller & L. Morgan (Eds). Handbook of parent-implemented interventions: Supporting families of young children with autism (pages pending). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.
  • Schertz, H.H., & Horn, K. (2017). Family capacity-building: Mediating parent learning through guided video reflection. In C. Trivette and B. Keilty (Eds.), DEC Recommended Practices Monograph Series No. 3 Family: Knowing families, tailoring practices, building capacity. (pp. 125-134). Washington, DC: Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children.
  • Schertz, H. H., Horn, K., Lee, M., & Mitchell, S. (2017). Supporting parents to help toddlers with autism risk make social connections. Young Exceptional Children, 20(1), 16-29. doi:10.1177/1096250615576808
  • Schertz, H., Odom, S. L., Baggett, K. M., & Sideris, J. H. (2016). Parent-reported repetitive behavior in toddlers on the autism spectrum. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 46(10), 3308-3316. doi:10.1007/s10803-016-2870-x
  • Schertz, H. H., Reichow, B., Tan, P., Vaiouli, P., & Yildirim, E. (2012). Interventions for toddlers with autism spectrum disorders: An evaluation of research evidence. Journal of Early Intervention, 34(3), 166-189.
  • Schertz, H. H., Baker, C., Hurwitz, S., & Benner, L. (2011). Principles of early intervention reflected in toddler research in autism spectrum disorders. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 31(1), 4-21. doi: 10.1177/0271121410382460