Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Become a counseling psychologist through a program where your knowledge of theoretical systems informs your clinical approach, and your practice guides your research.

This APA-accredited Ph.D. program is based on a scientist-practitioner training model, with a strong emphasis on multicultural issues and social justice.

You’ll learn to apply psychological principles with an understanding of and respect for differing world views. You’ll undertake original research under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

This is a research-intensive program. Our program is a good fit for you if you enjoy research. You will have many opportunities to participate in research projects, present at conferences, and publish with professors in our program.

While we prefer students who have a master’s degree in counseling or an undergraduate degree in psychology, we welcome qualified applicants from many disciplines.

  • Application Deadline
    FallNov 15Nov 15
  • Admissions Requirements
    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
    • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75 out of 4.00
    • Completed online application that includes:
      • Transcripts
      • Personal Statement
      • 3 Letters of Recommendation
      • GRE Scores:
        • Required for domestic students
        • Required for international students
      • Resume:
        • Not required for domestic students
        • Required for international students
      • TOEFL score from last two years*

      *International students only

  • Financial Aid
    • Learn about a variety of fellowships and travel awards that are available to graduate students.
    • Visit Student Central for information about financial assistance.
    • Consult your employer about the availability of tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance programs.
    • Active duty military, veterans, and military families should visit the Center for Veteran and Military Students to take full advantage of available financial assistance and educational benefits.
  • Accreditation

    The Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology is accredited by the American Psychological Association.

    Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
    American Psychological Association
    750 First Street NE
    Washington, DC 20002-4242
    Phone: (202) 336-5979

    Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

You’ll get real-world experience as both a counselor and a counselor supervisor. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for a career as a psychologist, administrator, or faculty member in mental health centers, college counseling centers, private practice, higher education, or other settings where counseling psychology skills are needed.

The strengths of our program include:

  • a strong emphasis on multicultural research (most of our tenure-track faculty members conduct research on multicultural issues),
  • a diverse student body: more than half of our counseling psychology doctoral students are student of color), and
  • opportunities for specialized training in interventions developed by our faculty, e.g., career interventions for diverse women, a family-based alcohol and sexual assault preventive intervention, sports psychology interventions, and a group program to cultivate gratitude.

Admission to the program is made using a faculty mentoring approach. Students are selected, in part, based on their fit with the research interests of specific professors. If accepted, you will join the program as advisees of these professors. Currently, the following professors are accepting incoming students:

When applying, please indicate in your personal statement which of these professors you are interested in working with and why.