Counseling Psych

Counseling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology program at Indiana University Bloomington embraces multiculturalism and believes that it is an integral part of education, mental health practice, and the totality of the human condition in an increasingly diverse and global society. We believe that we cannot optimally function as competent and caring professionals without fully embracing human diversity. Our view of diversity is broadly defined and includes (but is not limited to) age, national origin, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, physical abilities, mental abilities, and language. In addition, we believe that all forms of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination are detrimental to human development. Further, in recognition of the power differentials between students and faculty, we are committed to fostering a safe climate for student to provide feedback to faculty and other students about multicultural issues. We strive to integrate our commitment to multiculturalism into all aspects of the program by:

  • Creating a climate that promotes open discourse on multicultural issues among faculty and students.
  • Promoting students’ and faculty’s continuous self-examination of all forms of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination, whether intentional or unintentional, as well as encouraging reflection on how cultural values, assumptions, and biases influence their professional work and relationships with other students and faculty.
  • Actively recruiting and retaining students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.
  • Incorporating multicultural competence as a core program training goal and as an important criterion for evaluating students and faculty.
  • Infusing multicultural issues in all aspects of students’ curriculum and training (e.g., courses, counseling, supervision, and research).

We acknowledge the aspirational nature of this statement and commit to identifying and implementing, on a regular basis, specific measures to fulfill the objectives stated herein.